Billings teacher’s union supports Montana News Guild

June 15, 2020

Montana comes from a long history of workers joining together for the purpose of improving their jobs and their community. The first historical creation of a union was in Butte in 1878. The ability for me to look up this information and impart it to you is because it was recorded in history by a journalist. The newspaper is what unites a community; it lets us know what our roots are and it helps us form opinions and decisions based on facts for our future.  Our local journalists live in our community and understand our values and what we feel needs to be reported. The Billings Education Association supports the Montana News Guild and we support local journalists. We will do what we can to support our brothers and sisters in labor and encourage Lee Enterprise and the Billings community to recognize this new union.

Rachel Schillreff, President of the Billings Education Association, Local 7515

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