Montana News Guild receives letter of support from Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society

To: Billings Gazette management and newsroom staff
From: Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society
Date: June 8, 2020

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society supports and appreciates the exceptional newsroom staff and journalists of the Billings Gazette. YVAS and many other nonprofit organizations and entities have been able to depend on getting their news, events and opportunities out to the public via these local reporters. That is because these experienced newsroom folks have the institutional knowledge, history and skill to meet the reporting needs of local and regional organizations, readers and community. Local groups and individuals have unique projects and accomplishments that are of specific value to our community. It takes journalists and a newsroom staff that are very attentive to and knowledgeable of these unique circumstances to get the journalistic job done right.

We hope the Billings Gazette management team and the Gazette’s readers support and back the newsroom staff and journalists, including the current cadre, of the Billings Gazette in their efforts to best provide necessary, accurate, personal and insightful journalism.

Steve Regele
Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society, President

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